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The first question to ask is, why heat a building? The answer, to keep it warm, might seem obvious, but it is also wrong. We heat buildings in order to make up for losses. If we could design a building such that the losses were zero, once the building had been brought up to temperature it would stay so forever. We could then remove the heating system and transport it to another new building in order to give it its once-only-heat. Clearly we can not make buildings perfectly insulated, but we can get close. If we can get to the point were gains from the occupants’ metabolism, solar gains through windows and other gains such as heat from electric lighting and IT equipment is equal to the heat loss from the building we will be in balance, with no need for additional heat. We therefore have the following inequality at the centre of low energy building design:

losses ≤ gains.

With the possible exception of free gains, such as solar gains, it is clear we wish to guarantee this inequality through the minimising of losses rather than increasing energy consumption to increase the gains. One way of reducing such losses is simply to reduce the temperature to which the building is heated to, but not so low that it causes discomfort. Hence we have the fundamental principle of low energy design that we provide:

Super insulated Thermal Envelope

All the structures we provide are Super insulated building envelopes. By making the building airtight and using more insulation with higher U-values than a conventional building. We pay attention to all the details pertaining to connections and penetrations that exist in the building envelope (i.e., windows, doors, and connections at trusses). Which maintains the integrity of the super insulated building envelope. We avoid problems due to poor attention to construction details in on-site builds. This significantly reduces energy use by keeping heat inside the building in the winter and keeping heat outside the building in the summer.

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